Marden Industries Manufactures the Highest Quality US Steel & US Products

 A Leader in the Industry

Marden Industries Since 1933Marden cutters are the top choice of experienced agriculturalists. At Marden, the extra time and money we spend on research and development results in a precision engineering piece of equipment - easy to operate with low maintenance... > Read more

 Pasture Renovators

pictureThe Marden Pasture Renovators are designed for a variety of uses including clearing brush for ranching, enhancing wildlife habitat, renovating sod bound compacted pastures, and even establishing seed beds for overseeding winter grasses. With the... > Read more

 Custom Equipment

Custom EquipmentMarden has often been requested to build custom machinery. These projects have been successfully completed for numerous clients including the Los Angeles County Fire Department-Heavy Equipment Division. If you have specific needs... > Read more

Marden Industries is a Florida based company which was originally founded in 1933. We have over 75 years of experience in designing and manufacturing site-preparation equipment, industrial construction equipment as well as custom products for the forest, ranching, transportation, construction and agricultural industries.