A brief glimpse of a world leader…

In 1933, Marion Denton founded and established Marden in Auburndale, Florida.
The company's first product was a Tapered Drum Citrus Grove Chopper used exclusively in the sandy soil upland groves for weed and brush control. Many of the grove owners also owned cattle ranches that were in need of clearing, in order to plant suitable forage grasses. To meet this need for Drum Choppers in land clearing applications, Marden started developing larger machines for the heavy brush associated with Florida's tropical climate. As tractors continued to get larger with more horsepower, Marden kept pace, designing machines to accomodate them.

In the mid 1950's re-forestation became a major focal point in the timber industry, establishing the need for large Drum Choppers designed for site preparation after logging. To meet this need our B-Series and GK Series of Drum Choppers were designed to withstand the rigorous conditions associated with the logging process. Marden then developed the HI-LO Blade arrangement, as well as the offset tandem untis that were designed for heavy slash and 400-600 stumps per acre. These units are still being used today. Many state and federal agencies specify these machines in their bid solicitations.

In the late 1980's, Marden introduced the Pasture Renovator to meet changing demands in ranching needs. These machines are a multi-purpose tool used for clearing, renovating tame grass pastures and hay fields, and establishing seed beds for winter over-seeding with the segmented spiraling blade design. It is an efficient machine that pulls with less horsepower requirement, and lacks the jerking motion of the conventional chopper.

1990 brought about a re-location of Marden Industries to Mulberry, Florida. Marden introduced their new Hydraulic Relief Bedding Harrows in 1997. These are used in the timber industry for intensive site preparation. The units are designed to give maximum soil mixing while forming a raised bed for planting the new seedlings. Not only does this get the seedlings elevated in wet conditions, but it allows the feeder roots to expand rapidly in the tilled, loosened soil. This gives the young trees a greater chance for survival and increases the growth rate tremendously. Marden has units with an optional Sub-Soil package which is used in the upland piedmont soils to loosen compacted clay sites, allowing the root system to expand, as well as, penetrate the hard ground.

The turn of the century brought continued expansion to Marden's product line and offerings with the introduction of Interlocking Drill Stems, custom fabrication of drill stem parts, as well as modifications and retrofit for customers existing machinery. This time also witnessed the addition of the new Marden Fire Plows, available in many different models. The unique design of Marden's Fire Plows enables three different depth adjustments and six different drawbar height adjustments. Marden models range from 100hp – 300hp requirements, and the bearing and axle design is superior in size and strength to any competitor units.

As always, keep an eye out for new products – we remain committed to being an industry leader!